Namaz Time: Fajar 5:12 am | Dhuhr 1:16 pm | Asar 6:05 pm | Magrib 8:07 pm | Isha 9:21 pm
Jumma prayer : Khutbah start time at 1:45 pm
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Volunteer Services

Azad Masjid Volunteer Form

We Muslims must act as agents of positive change for the people and environment around us. Participate in the community by volunteering, interning, sharing ideas, or simply smiling! Every individual will be rewarded according to their intentions and their work’s perfection: “And whosoever does good equal to the weight of an atom, shall see its reward…” (Quran 99:7).

We always need a volunteer for daily and weekly Masjid Activities. Connect with us by filling out the form below and become a part of our Holy cause today.