Namaz Time: Fajar 5:40 am | Dhuhr 1:19 pm | Asar 5:57 pm | Magrib 7:49 pm | Isha 8:57 pm
Jumma prayer : Khutbah start time at 1:45 pm
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Islamic Activities

These are the activities we have undergone to successfully develop the Islamic Society of Wichita Falls.

Conducted Eid-ulFitr worship service at 8:00 a.m. at the Sheppard AFB North Chapel. Abdullah Sharnsid-Deen led the prayers and gave the khutbah. Since today was Friday, we also conducted Salaatul-Jumu’ah, and it was held in the Islamic Prayer Room located in the Sheppard AFB South Chapel. On this day, the first Eid prayer in Wichita Fallsat our community center was offered.

Immediately following the Jumu’ah prayer service, several of the men attending the service participated in the ground breaking ceremony for the new Masjid on Trigg Lane.
In early January, the ground work started for the construction of the new Masjid began.
Although the Masjid is not completed, we conducted our first Jumu’ah Salaat in the new Masjid building. Brother Faisel, from Saudi Arabic was the Khateeb, he led gave the khutbah in Arabic with explanation in English. He also gave the Khutbah and led the Salaat for the next two Jumu’ah. We continued conducting Jumu’ah in the Masjid building until we were informed by Syd Litteken that the City was informed that we were using the building without a permit. Therefore, the next Jumu’ah {22 Aug 03) was conducted in a different location.
We conducted Jumu’ah today in the Comfort Inn Hotel social room. This hotel room was not available for the following Friday, so we had to locate another place to conduct Jumu’ah on 29 Aug 03 and afterward. Over the weekend we spoke to the owner of the new Ramada Plaza Hotel ( who is a Muslim) and he agreed to allow us to use one of the offices attached to the Hotel (at no cost).
We held our first Jumu’ah in our new location at the Ramada Plaza Hotel; not actually in the hotel but in one of the office buildings attached to the hotel. The owner of the hotel allowed us to use the building until the Masjid construction is completed. I conducted the khutbah this Friday. The next Jumu’ah was led by Na’im Vaughan and I conducted the next two after that.
Today’s Jumu’ah was conducted by Dr Ahmad Matter, a new member in our community.
Tonight we started conducting the Taraweeh prayers in the Ramada Plaza Hotel building, which are being led by Dr Matter.
Eid AI-Fitr Salaat was conducted in the conference room on the 6th floor of the Ramada Plaza Hotel. The prayer and Khutbah was conducted by Dr. Ahmad Matter. There were approximately 90 people in attendance (over 50 men). On Thursday, 27 November, the community held an ‘Eid celebration dinner at the Ramada Hotel.
Mr. Khan no longer owns the Ramada Plaza Hotel. Therefore, we do not expect to be able to continue holding Jumu’ah in the building that we have been using for the past two years.
We had been continuing to hold Jumu’ah in the Ramada Plaza Hotel room, even though we had not been given permission by the new owners. However, when we showed up for the Jumu’ah prayers today, we were not able to get in the building. The new owners had changed the locks on the doors. Having no other building to hold the Jumu’ah prayers in, we decided to pray in the new Masjid, which is still under construction.
Today, we held Jumu’ah today in the King’s Inn Hotel Banquet Room.
We are trying to get the builder of the Masjid to commence with the completion of the inside of the Masjid. He is turning out to be unreliable in getting this job finish for us, ever though we told him that we have the funds to complete the inside.
We are trying to get the builder of the Masjid to commence with the completion of the inside of the Masjid. He is turning out to be unreliable in getting this job finish for us, ever though we told him that we have the funds to complete the inside.
We signed a contract to have the parking lot and sidewalk installed at the Masjid. This is the last major hurdle in the construction project.

Ramadan began on October 4 05, and we held the TarawihSalaat in the King’s Inn Banquet Room. We were hoping to have the Masjid completed and perform the EidSalaat in the Masjid. We also wanted to put theMosque prayer timeson a board outside the Masjid. The board was supposed to have prayer times in Chicago and prayer times in Houston.

We’ve determined that the Masjid will not be completed, so we made arrangement to perform Eid Salaat in the King’s Inn.
Today is Eid ul-Fitr, we performed the Salaat in the King’s Inn. Although the Masjid is almost completed, we were not able to perform the Salaat in it this Eid.
Today, several brothers went to the Masjid to do some cleaning of the building. We worked from 10:00 A.M. until about 4:30 P.M. As we (Javed and his son Talha and his nephew, Qazi Islam from Denton, and me) were leaving the building, about to get in our cars, a man (Caucasian), walked up to the Masjid, on the sidewalk, and started yelling and cursing at us (aggressively) concerning us building the Masjid. He was telling us to stop working on this building, treating to cause physical injury to us, or to kill us if we didn’t. Javed called 911 to report this to the police. Two policemen came to take the report. One of them was named Officer Yount. They talked to us and talked to the aggressive individual. They told us that they will turn their report to police detectives as a hate motivated crime.
Today, w prayed Eid ul Adha Salaat in the Massjid, even though the building is not yet completed and permission for occupancy has not been received from the City. We had about 75 people.
Around 5:00 p.m. today, we received phone call from Sabian from Syd Litteken’s office to inform us that the City had approved the building and given us permission to occupy the building. On Friday, March 10, 2006 we conducted our first official Jumu’ah Salaat in the Masjid.
This community followed the guidelines set by the Islamic Society of North America on the start date for Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr
Started weekend school in the Masjid for children. Classes conducted from 1100 to 2:00 p.m. on Sundays.
Completed placing a privacy fence around the Masjid property. The work was done by the company, Price Fencing Co. We paid a total of $20,110 for the project.
The Nathani family offered to donate a water fountain for the Masjid yard; we accepted and agreed to have the fountain installed in the front of the building. Mr Nathani hired Mr. Abel Torres to do the concrete work to prepare the area for the fountain to be installed. The completion of the installation of the fountain is still pending.

Per the recommendation of Mr Nathani, we made a contact with Mr. Abel Torres to install the bricks around the Masjid building; and we gave Abel an advance payment of $5,000. However, Mr Torres defaulted on the contract (and did not give us our money back; but Mr. Nathani gave the Masjid $5,000 since he recommended the person to us).

According my our understanding, the city had issued a work permit to Mr. Torres, but later issues a “stop work” order because Mr. Torres no longer had insurance. Then, without coordinating with us, Abel Torres obtained another permit in the name of Pete Torres of Pete Construction Company to do the job. Abel told us that Pete was his brother. Pete sent some people over to start the job; however, we were not pleased with that arrangement, so they stopped working, and we started looking for another contractor to do the brick work for the Masjid


Since Mr. Torres defaulted on the contract, we cautiously searched for another contractor to install the bricks around the Masjid. After interviewing and receiving bids from several individuals, we hired Lawrence Construction company to complete the job. We signed a contract with Lawrence Construction Co for $18,000 for the job. Mr. Lawrence brought in workers from the Dallas, TX, area. We are extremely pleased with the work. lnshallah, our next project is the build covers and archways over the doors leading into the Masjid. Our Masjid has Chicago prayer times and Houston prayer timesmentioned at its main entrance.